Fencing Academy 2021 - Registrations

Each year, the Vita-6 ® Fencing Academy organizes several weeks of training camps for the 3 weapons at the Olympic Preparation Center of Vittel.

Discover its history and purpose by watching the interview of its founderMaster Mathieu SISSLER.

Fencing Master Mathieu Sissler, Co-founder

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The VITA-6 fencing training courses are opened to any fencing license holders, from 10 to 20 years old. In agreement with the fencing masters, the managers of the association have the right, according to the level or the age of the fencers already registered, to refuse certain requests of inscription, to guarantee the homogenity of the groups.
Given the number of requests, the association steering comitte only takes into account the files wich are sent to VITA-6 with a deposit.
For further information, please contact Maître Mathieu SISSLER :
00 33 6 59 78 15 55 or vita6escrime@gmail.com

EPEE U20/U23 PERFORMANCE (1rst edition)

Provisional dates : Sunday, July 18th - Saturday, July 24th 2021 (1 week)
COMPETITION CAMP reserved for advanced fencers aged from 16 to 23. 
40 slots


Provisional dates : Sunday, July 25th - Saturday, July 31th 2021 (1 week)
COMPETITION CAMP reserved for advanced fencers aged from 14 to 20. 
40 slots



Provisional dates : Sunday, August 1rst - Saturday, August 7th 2021 (1 semaine)

Preparation to the beginning of the new fencing season & Technical/Mental improvement
(reserved for fencers aged from 12 to 16)
20 slots in SABRE
20 slots in FOIL

VITA-6 ESCRIME ® Fencing Camps Trailer

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