Sports facilities - Vittel Olympic Preparation Center

The Vittel Olympic Preparation Center is a temple of high performance sport, inaugurated in 1972 to prepare the French team for the Munich Olympic Games.

Centre de Préparation Olympique


The Pierre de Coubertin Sports Hall offers one hectare of covered sports facilities:

  • an indoor athletics stadium
  • a multisport zone
  • a 50-metre competitive pool
  • a 25-metre pool with spa (Jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, relaxing space)
  • fitness room
  • weight room
  • Dojo
  • Fecing hall (renovated in 2010) with 6 fencing pistes

Pistes escrime parquetsalle d'armesStade athlétisme indoorTaraflexpiscine olympiquedojoPiscine en nocturnejacuzzipiscine loisirs



Naturally, the Olympic Center also benefitsfrom very large outside sports facilities:

  • 8 tennis courts (4 quick, 2 synthetic hard-packed surfaces, 2 indoors hard surfaces)
  • 1 outside athletics stadium
  • 1 golf course (9 holes)
  • multiple outside playing fields (football, rugby…)

Stade outdoorTerrain de foot échauffementTerrain de football



Situated near to a natural Forest, the Olympic Center welcomes mainly national teams preparing for main sports events. As an example, the center welcomes the French Fencing team at the beginning of the sport season, in order to prepare for the World Championships which take place during October and November.

ForêtDaims footing

The center benefits from comfortable rooms with bathroom and private toilets. Rooms are well equipped with a television set as well as WIFI access.

Chalets hébergement

There are also playrooms, lecture halls and video rooms.

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